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2011 New Year's Eve Fiesta Bowl Parade Phoenix Sonoran Desert Arizona

Occupy Phoenix New Year's Eve 2011
In 75 degree weather at noon

President Barack Obama's job plan
This should be good for a laugh
Republicans don't have a plan either
No recovery before 2017

College degree waste of money
most millionaires / billionaires
without college degree

Night I knocked Charlie Sheen on his ass

Worst public relations ever:
Arizona on verge of losing Fiesta Bowl
Former Intel chief said would
never locate now

60 percent of your Internet message needs to be visual

Personalities drive your followers
How to get more Twitter followers

Deja Vu
Oil washing up on Gulf coast

Twitter’s deep and dark secret
A huge Twitter mistake you are probably making

Twitter: it’s a numbers game

Using lists
Getting the most out of Twitter

How social media impacts your SEO Google page ranking

Words of a millionaire: I had it. I lost it.
Now let's make it back.

Worst public relations ever:
Arizona soon to have nation's
highest tax rate

Difference between push and pull marketing
21st Century marketing tools

While traditional news focused on Tucson killings
Hundreds died worldwide in floods and riots

Instead of trains connecting Phoenix to Los Angeles
City fathers go for broke with light rail

Okay, I was wrong
Maybe shootings good for Arizona economy
Obama, Katie Couric, Brian Williams, even Oprah?
Filling up hotel rooms

Arizona: Worst public relations ever
Congressional shooter delivers fatal bullet
to Arizona economy

How modern is your communication plan?
Floppy disk in a mobile app, QR code world?

Your 2011 marketing plan;
Does it include mobile apps, Facebook and Twitter
Or are you partying like 1999:
Press releases?

Is Barack Obama throwing USA into economic calamity?
Highest gas prices in 2010 for any Christmas