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Outstanding Marketing During Covid19, CoronaVirus Era

With almost everything canceled, on lockdown, it’s time to move your #marketing to the #21stCentury, something #MarketingSocialologist has been preaching for 19 years. Let’s use music as an example. You can replace it with plays, conferences, etc. to suit your mood. Let’s begin. Musicians, like most everyone, live on the edge. If they aren’t performing, they aren’t paying bills. But with Covid19, they are unable to work – like many. Here’s a way to earn income. Online music festivals. To limit CoronaVirus exposure, 1 band per venue, different venues. Tickets must be paid for before given access code to #attend. You have different camera views. The Pit $$$$, the back row $$. Buy for entire festival or band you want to see. Don’t forget the #MeetandGreet Via online connecting, fans are offered chance to interact with acts ($$) after their performance. These are streamed to TikTok, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram all at the same time. Band also hands you a signed poster that is imme

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