Five things that killed
Apple Match iTunes Internet radio

Apple introduced Match, its Internet radio today.

Five reasons why it will not catch on with consumers, even with the Apple name.

1 - Being touted as free, but with a $24.99 fee, or more than $2 per month. It enters a realm where i-Heart Radio, Radio AOL, Spotify, Pandora, Last.FM, even Radio Disney, offer truly free service.

2 - Late to the game. Nearly a whole decade after Internet radio came of age.

3 - Only works on mobile devices running IOS 7.

4 - Offers nothing unique. Once upon a time, you could share concert files, like Grateful Dead fans have since the '70s, on something called Win-MX. Apple doesn't offer anything unique with Match.

5 - No social capability. No sharing, as with Win-MX above, Instagram, Twitter, etc.