TMZ erroneous as usual - Zac Efron's revenge

Recently TMZ picked on Zac Efron for having ear wax. TMZ’s solution, like all its reporting, was irresponsible, hazardous and erroneous.

The site recommended Efron use a Q-tip. Worst advice in the world. A friend was recently cleaning his ear with a Q-tip. He was towel drying his hair and the Q-tip went through his eardrum. Yes, he’s now deaf in one ear. Welcome to the club, Fred. Monopod hearing.

The correct way is to use an ear wax removal system. I found an excellent site that recommends mineral oil, but I’m sticking with the store stuff. Put it in your ear, within five minutes use a rubber wax removal bulb to wash your ear out. Do it once a month.

DO NOT USE A Q-TIP, no matter what an irresponsible Web site like TMZ tells you.


  1. It's ZAC Efron darling.

  2. Dear Any:

    Thank you. Damn spell check on Word. Damn TMZ with Jessica Simpson photos. Nothing has been the same in 48 hours.


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