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What 21st Century marketing tools can tell you
From Twitter:
Do Kelly Osbourne and Brandi Cyrus
Live next to each other?

Did you make $500 per minute today?
Marketing Sociologist did
Defeating the nation’s fourth largest county
Using marketing facts, figures

Public Relations Society of America Code of Ethics
one decade old

Do you know any PR practitioners utilizing it?

Music for my friends in Colorado and Texas

Marketing Sociologist calls on the nation to join in a national day of prayer for jobs
Sunday, Sept. 26, 2010

Chicago man launches Hillary for president
Shot heard around the world?
Palin vs. Clinton 2012?

Why mainstream media is dead
Cancer survivor Robert Schimmel
Killed in car wreck near his Arizona home
Local media missed it for a week

Arizona governor suffers
Depends senior moment
During debate

Jonas Brothers and Hanson
Both in Phoenix Sept. 14, 2010
That's a jam I'd like to see

Once again: Arizona - worst public relations ever