Did you make $500 per minute today?
Marketing Sociologist did
Defeating the nation’s fourth largest county
Using marketing facts, figures

Today I leveraged the nation’s second largest county for $40,000 in eight minutes. The County Assessor wanted $50,000 per year more for property tax than homes are selling for in my Sonoran desert oasis (today was the first time in known history Los Angeles was hotter).

No one in my neighborhood is fighting this assessment. I’ve been the only one. Marketing Sociologists take action.

The County fielded five tax-paid staff members with reams of information, including a computer data base. They were no match for Marketing Sociologist’s quarter page of facts and data prepared through research.

The County Assessor’s office said there had not been a sale in the area for more than two years and had to go to a home a mile-and-a-half away.

Marketing Sociologist presented five neighboring properties sold in 2009 and three in 2010 – all from the County Assessor’s data base!

That’s the difference between those who are satisfied to just do their jobs and Marketing Sociologists who know in the 21st Century you need to not just be exceptional, but head and shoulders above the competition.

It doesn’t take that much time, either. If I spent a half hour preparing my research for this fight, I’d be surprised. I would say 15 minutes at the top. That’s all it takes: 15 minutes more between winning and being a chump. Don’t you think it’s time you invest those extra 15 minutes in every project you undertake?

Lastly, property tax is $100 per $1,000 assessed, so I save $4,000 per year, or $500 per minute! That’s how you use facts and figures to make your case.