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Arizona's political candidates get more outrageous
This from the state with the highest percentage
Budget deficit in the nation
Great PR

This has to be the most outrageous yet in Arizona's public relations campaign
There was actually an "intelligent" advertising firm to create this?

Today’s 21st Century public relations lesson –
third party endorsements

More how not to do public relations
Arizona governor calls all illegal immigrants
drug smugglers

This musician has evidently never heard of Brainiac and the City of Kandor

President Barack Obama has made the USA so affluent, its seas and rivers flow with oil

"Police: Bikes stolen from Jenna Bush Hager's home" Jenna Bush's bike on Ebay - priceless!

Worst public relations ever:
"BP CEO's yacht outing infuriates Gulf residents"
Angrier than if it had been Arizona's governor?

Marketing Sociologist public relations advice for Arizona governor

More FANTASTIC public relations
by Arizona's government
Yahoo's most popular news story today

21st Century marketing
Measuring your pathway
Google is taking over the world
Spotting trends before they happen

For all those boycotting BP
If BP dropped petro to
$1.05 (USD) per gallon
would you boycott or buy?

Are telemarketing calls increasing?
Marketing Sociologist way to handle

More fall-out: Arizona immigration bill
Worst public relations strategy ever
Arizona oblivious law ruined
state’s economy for 2nd Century

Leftovers from Arizona
worst public relations program ever

Mainstream media still catching up with
Marketing Sociologist
Billboard & Reuters report:
Online video sites embrace live concert streams

Was it an oil spill that killed life on Mars?

Democrat or Republican?
Don’t let your politics hurt your profits