Marketing Sociologist public relations advice for Arizona governor

1 – Do NOT leave home without facts & figures of how many people killed overnight in Northern Mexico

2 – Media training. No one wants to sound like Bufford T. Justice. That’s why media training is important.

3 – Don’t leave home without facts about how many shot in Arizona desert this week or died from heat crossing into USA.

4 – Don’t sound like a child screaming for candy bars at the grocery checkout counter, “He didn’t send us the border troops.”

5 – Again, facts & figures on what ILLEGALS are costing the state. Unpaid hospital bills, increased auto insurance rates due to accidents ILLEGALS have been involved in, ID theft, on and on.

Quit sounding like a Rush Limbaugh lemming. Have facts & figures. Without them, it’s like going out without your clothes on. So, fact & figures, not whining.

Use public relations phrases like, “As the Gulf coast states are experiencing an environmental disaster of the world’s worst oil spill; Arizona is suffering an economic disaster because of this nation’s porous border policy.” You may use that. Better than whining, “where’s our troops?”

It is TOO late now, but for future public relations matters, do some preparation before the fact. Like you should have lined up being on This Week, Meet the Press and other influential political television shows at the first sign of protest. You also shouldn’t ignore the advice of Linkedin’s top rated Arizona public relations expert. Your office was contacted, but you ignored.