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More this is marketing!
iPad sells 2 million in USA in 50 days
Reminds me of the dinosaur days when
Musicians sold 16 million albums

Clint Eastwood turns 80 today
How many people can say they have
55 years of success in their career?
Let’s make his day!

Associated Press fails to realize 4G faster than cable
Doesn't discuss 700 MHz band
4G not for phone calls

Arizona immigration bill possibly
Worst public relations campaign ever?
As bad as Nero?

Dennis Hopper joins James Dean
Two great actors in Heaven
How we should remember Mr. Hopper

Remember that Marketing $ociologist prediction: California earthquake?
Mother Earth spits up in Central America
Follows Iceland's example

Worst public relations plan: World protests your immigration bill while no one boycotts BP products after company damages planet

Blockbuster preparing to deliver first run
Movies on your

On government dole
Private industry jobs --
Lowest in USA history

Strong earthquake rocks Brazil-Peru
More serious tremors in
California Mexico in past 24 hours
Plate Tectonics along Pacific Ocean

What your government isn't telling you
While news covers Gulf Coast
America experiences massive earthquakes

Marketing $ociologist starting another revolution

Stars on Arizona, including Johnny Depp
Shakira, Mark Lindsay, Mickey Dolenz
Kings of Leon

Motorola Droid outsells Apple's iPhone?

More on Arizona's tarnished image