Marketing $ociologist starting another revolution

Happened to me again. It also happens when I try watching network TV at network sites instead of sites like CH131 (defunct).

Just visited the LA Lakers website and had a video with an ad in it. Same thing happens at the networks.

Big business hasn't yet figured out how to monetize the Internet. After all, it's only been around for a quarter of a century (In 1984, as Executive Editor of Dairy Magazine, I was delivering news stories to computers housed in barns. That's why I had to learn protocol.). So lame marketers jump at 20th Century marketing techniques - television-style advertising; mental geniuses.

Due to corporate marketers not willing to embrace 21st Century marketing tools, I call on all readers - and the ones they pass this blog post onto - to do one simple thing when you get those 20th Century marketing ads. There's a little X in that browser tab. Whenever you get an ad, immediately click that little X. Wipe that web page off your browser.

That is today's Marketing $ociologist revolution. Thank you for participating.