Clint Eastwood turns 80 today
How many people can say they have
55 years of success in their career?
Let’s make his day!

How many people have been a success for 55 years? Let’s honor Clint Eastwood as he turns octogenarian today!

Death Valley Days


Spaghetti westerns (Fist Full of Dollars, etc.)

Filming in Albuquerque – the Every/Any Which Way You Can movies

Outlaw Josie Wales (I loved this one)

Play Misty for Me

Oh yeah, something called Dirty Harry

Gran Torino

With the passing of Dennis Hopper, few actors, like Dick Van Dyke, can say they’ve been making hits since the mid-‘50s. Cloris Leachman has been doing it since the mid-‘40s and has a film coming out this year!

If you’re looking for people to admire, here’s three! There’s lots more. Look for longevity and success, like Betty White.