Worst public relations plan: World protests your immigration bill while no one boycotts BP products after company damages planet

Arizona has to know it has the worst public relations plans ever when it faces more ridicule than the British company who has destroyed the planet’s eco-system. Yet Arizona is oblivious to this fact.

I deem all the public relations experts hired by the State of Arizona and those employed by the state as the WORST flacks in public relations history.

I also urge all those protesting Arizona to focus their boycotts on BP and its products, Arco AMPM, Castrol, BP Asphalt, its NGL products and BP Solar Home Solutions.

Both Arizona’s passage of SB 1070 and BP’s Gulf spill are about a month old, yet in that month, Arizona’s public relations plans have garnered more animosity than BP destroying the world’s environment. That is BAD public relations!