Democrat or Republican?
Don’t let your politics hurt your profits

Yesterday two things happened. Saw a license plate No-Mo-BO. The other was someone walked up to me at a meeting and commented on my April 30, 2009 post when Obama hadn’t been in office three months, A quadrillion reasons Obama will be a one term president. You hate Obama, too, was the comment.

No, I don’t hate Obama. As a Marketing Sociologist, I look at the landscape and what will make companies money. Don’t make it personal. It was easy to see. Check the post on oil prices. In the past 40 years, every president after a president that has decimated the economy; the president following him has been a one term president – Jimmy Carter, George Bush I and Barack Obama. Marketing Sociology is about seeing trends and making $$$$ off them.

Do not wear your politics or opinions on your sleeve. I have strong beliefs about the condition of public relations. I don’t believe it is a professional field anymore. Less than 20 percent of Public Relations Society of America members care enough about the field to become accredited. As we move to 21st Century marketing tools, I took the time, energy and expense to become CIW Web and social media certified. Same reason I got an MBA and a passion for meeting marketing leaders like Philip Kotler.

I don’t go around spouting my belief on politics or religion. That is not professional. Yet, I do have opinions on marketing, it's subset of public relations, and things that can and will make a company money.

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