Taylor Swift may be premier 21st Century marketer
Learning a lesson from her

Twenty-five year old Taylor Swift gave me a real lesson in 21st Century marketing Monday, April 20, 2015.

On Sunday, the 19th, Swift received the Milestone Award at the 50th ACM awards show.

It is hard to find a star with more popularity than Swift in 2015.

Her marketing strategy is pure 21st Century, staying close to the customer.

For most of us, we grew up learning and practicing marketing in the 20th Century. It meant “push” your product. In 2015, it’s listen and involve your customer. Taylor Swift “gets” that.

So how does Taylor Swift sell more product? The video of her accepting her award is everywhere. Most 20th Century marketers would splash it all over their “social media” channels or platforms.

Swift knows her customers. Few were alive in the 20th Century. Her customers are the ones who came out of the womb taking videos with an iPhone. They don’t know any other camera, filing system, video viewing screen other than their iPhone. It’s what their lives revolve around. They are turned away by push marketing.

So Swift did the most logical marketing tactic to attract the attention of her customers, making them realize how much they adore this 21st Century marketing genius and why they love to buy her product, like they love Apple products, including frivolous watches.

Swift posted a video of her cat standing on its hind legs, calling it a Meerkat. Swift tied in her audience with a nod to an app that allows its users to stream video over Twitter. Swift also weighed in on the Meerkat – Periscope battle of these similar apps. Telling her fans which one to use.

Swift understands push marketing is dead. It is being close to your customers.