Smart Goggles and Ad-Visor (tm)
Not the future, but today's mobile marketing

The February meeting of Phoenix's Social Media Club discussed the future of mobile marketing. Fred van West, a software engineer at Choice Hotels and self-proclaimed life-long revolutionary (@azpunster on Twitter), rightfully stated no one has envisioned where mobile is headed for the remainder of this decade.

I have said mobile in 2013 is where Internet was in 1998 - remember dial-up? Amazon went public in 1997 for perspective.

I have said teen years marketing is mobile, mobile, mobile. Apps will rule. People will disengage from so-called "social media" and become rugged individuals using apps customized to them.

The future for mobile is what I've said for almost a decade, when you pass a billboard, you'll get an audio (now video as well) and when you pass, a coupon. When you walk into a restaurant or retail, it will know your purchase history (delivered via "big data" on your smart device - either glasses, iPad or smart phone). This reality is almost 10 years old for those who are at a sophisticated level of marketing (and NFC - Near Field Communications).

Today's marketers realize the most visited company on mobile is Facebook - a reason I say it is undervalued today. Imagine when it is $800 per share as Google currently is. You'll kick yourself for not buying stock today.

Smart marketers are placing their ads on Facebook to reach the mobile market. As van West tweeted, "If we can stream ads to the glasses we('ll) call it the Ad-visor (tm)." He's already giving you insight to where today's advertising agencies should be, not advising you on SEO and analytics. SEO and analytics do not measure app usage. They are 2005 marketing tools. In 2005, you were hearing Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton songs on the radio and seeing Jessica Simpson in bikinis. See how long ago that was - and SEO and analytics are just as antiquated. Run when a company pitches them to your business.

van West noted the (immediate, probably 2015) future of mobile are Google Glass, or as I'm terming it when Apple, Samsung and everyone and their brother gets into the game, Smart Goggles. As he states, we have inaccurately or underestimated the future of mobile marketing. Agreed.