Instead of trains connecting Phoenix to Los Angeles
City fathers go for broke with light rail

Imagine the commerce Phoenix could have if there was a train that traveled 200 MPH between Phoenix and Los Angeles; Los Angeles in two hours.

Yet two years ago the City of Phoenix opened 20 miles of light rail connecting Phoenix to Mesa, and that takes about 90 minutes. The City of Phoenix spent $1.4-billion on those 20 miles.

Currently, there is no train that connects Phoenix to any city – other than the light rail to Mesa.

When you look at cities like Riverside, California, a warehouse hub, you see many, many jobs created by the rail line connections. Metrolink and Coaster have benefited Southern California.

Phoenix has experienced no job growth with its 20 miles of light rail. What an idea! Now Phoenix city fathers are raising water rates substantially for the third or more times since the light rail was opened to cover budget deficits.

It could also be US Airways calls Phoenix home. That would be limited, small-minded thinking if political leaders were afraid to offend a local corporation to bring more business to an area. Even US Airways would benefit with a high speed train between Phoenix and Los Angeles.

With brain trusts like this, you wonder why Arizona has more than a billion dollars in state operating budget deficit?