Words of a millionaire: I had it. I lost it.
Now let's make it back.

Ira Lavin was one of Phoenix, Arizona's mid-to-late 20th Century millionaires. He at one time or another had owned most of the radio stations in Central Arizona.

Sitting next to him at a charity affair in the '80s, I said, "Ira, tell me about the time you lost your first million." My non-profit association boss, of one of the nation's largest non-profits, was appalled and yelled at me for asking such a question.

One thing I learned early in life, millionaires love to talk about the first million they lost. As Charlie Sheen has recently noted, "winners." Every millionaire is a winner. They take risks and that's why they lose that first million, only to make it back in spades. Look at Donald Trump's or Ted Turner's history. Risk takers.

Ironically, every person living in a trailer park has the dream of being a millionaire. Their plan includes winning the lottery, going to the bar, watching all the latest television shows.

Yet when you talk to the millionaires, here's what they say: "I Think when I work fourteen hour days, seven days a week, I get lucky," Armand Hammer. "Twelve-hour workdays were anything but uncommon and many stretched to fourteen or more," J. Paul Getty.

I can tell alot about people. Those who have read this blog in the past are not millionaires. My phone is attached to this website. I have not heard from anyone. It is a free call. Winners would click it. Are you a winner or a "troll"?