Twitter: it’s a numbers game

Some people actually communicate via Twitter. I used to, but the people I interact with seem to have given up on this form of communications.

Seems Twitter has become about numbers, not communications. It’s no longer like texting your friends. It has become I follow 2,000 people and have 1,800 following me.

I tried this tactic for one client. Got lots of followers pitching SEO (Search Engine Optimization) who a year ago were advertising or public relations firms; plus people selling their book or insurance, as followers. Went to the bathroom and had 500 Tweets when I returned. How is someone going to respond to 100 Tweets per minute? There are meetings to go to and other work. You can’t be on Twitter 24/7.

Have been asking questions via Twitter for years. Two years ago people would respond. You would think following 2,000 with nearly the same amount following you, you’d get an answer – zip.

In late 2010, Twitter migrated to what the Internet was in 1994 – purely an electronic billboard. Yes, I blame the advertising and public relations people who discovered Twitter last year. These are the same people who must let you know where they are via Four Square and are now migrating to Quora since it is getting press. Same reason SXSW (used to be South by Southwest) is now a geek fest when it used to be a musical event. The advertising and public relations people, now SEO experts after a year in the field, discovered SXSW this year.

Yet you cannot overlook Twitter in your marketing mix. It sells CDs for Selena Gomez, Mitchel Musso and other Disney stars. It draws television viewers for Hellcats and other shows. It gets noticed by that television news personality you’re trying to get a story from.

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