President Barack Obama's job plan
This should be good for a laugh
Republicans don't have a plan either
No recovery before 2017

Until the U.S.A. adopts a closed border plan, don't expect any economic recovery to work - from either party.

China closed its doors for centuries. Now the world's economic power. U.S.A. needs to copy. No goods or immigrants from other countries. Try that for two decades and see how powerful the U.S.A. will be.

Get out of Afghanistan, Korea, Japan, Libya, Pakistan, Iraq and stick to securing our own commerce and borders.

No iPhones, computers, guitars made in other countries - even Mexico or Canada. All car parts made here. We welcome Toyota, Mercedes, Honda and other companies that want to build plants here. Unless things are made in U.S.A., they can not come into the country. Foreign companies can only remove 10 percent of profits made in U.S.A. from our nation.

How to have a healthy economy.