Arizona: Worst public relations ever
Congressional shooter delivers fatal bullet
to Arizona economy

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The state where Oklahoma federal building bomber Timothy McVeigh was arrested, where the Miranda Act stemmed from has added another notch on its wild west image today as a Tucson gunman put a fatal bullet in the state’s economy when he shot U.S. Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords.

Media has identified the suspected Giffords shooter as Jared Loughner.

Two years ago I termed Arizona’s economy the 21st Century Dust Bowl. Today’s shooting puts the death knell on Arizona’s economy. Highest in job losses of any state since 2008, highest percent of budget deficit per resident in the nation, highest home foreclosures of any state and highest in savings and banks takeover.

In the past year, Governor Jan Brewer stammered during her only debate for office, a Phoenix hospital mixed the identities of a traffic fatality, SB 1070 immigration bill passed, is looking at eliminating the U.S. Constitution’s 14th Amendment and local media ignored a traffic fatality that killed comedian Robert Shimmel.

Its history of violence goes back even before the 1960s when Charles Schmid made the cover of Life Magazine .

Someone carried a gun – which are legal to carry or conceal in the state – to a President Barack Obama rally. The state’s largest university snubbed Obama by denying him an honorary degree when he spoke there.

Where will all this bad public relations for Arizona end? It seems never-ending for those who call the state home.


  1. This can't be for real? Obama will get an honorary degree when he does something. I'm sure even at this point that the leadership at ASU would give Obama an honorary degree. Using your logic Texas should be in the s****er.


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