How modern is your communication plan?
Floppy disk in a mobile app, QR code world?

In the spring of 2010, a suburban community college in Phoenix didn't want to hear my suggestion of mobile apps for SmartPhones and iPhones. They wanted television advertising.

I asked why, since the head of sales at Arizona's largest television station told me you'd never reach her 15-years old daughter with television advertising. The community college's answer was they had done television (and print, which they continue today) advertising since 1995. I asked how they tracked results. They didn't. Really? Your tax dollars at work.

So my question is, still using a floppy drive on your computer? Buying software that requires you to download from a floppy drive? Is your communications plan for 2011 a floppy disk or a mobile app strategy?

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After this was written, Apple reported the sale of 10-billion apps in 15 days from the Apple apps store.