Using lists
Getting the most out of Twitter

A major Twitter secret is lists. If you’re not using lists, you’re missing a whole variety of experiences to Twitter.

Lists allow you to follow customers and friends without wading through the chaff of useless messages if you’re following thousands of people.

One of my secrets is to know everything the competition is doing with secured lists. By clicking the lock, the person you’re following cannot see you’re following them. You read their Tweets – they generally don’t know about keeping trade secrets – and know what they’re up to.

One such list I used for a client, I discovered the competition was deploying QR codes as I had developed for that client. When I created a daily Internet journal for the client, the competition Tweeted asking how to do it, as they had about the QR codes.

Secured lists also keep your prospects and employees private from your competition if they’ve read this post and are following you.

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