60 percent of your Internet message needs to be visual

You Twitter all the time; yet nothing. Maybe you’re missing several key elements in your Twitter marketing mix. Today we look at the visual aspect. You’re doing the hashtags, the @ to people, but want to improve.

If you’re going to utilize both Facebook and Twitter as your primary 21st Century marketing tools palette, you’re going to have to think visual. That means adding photos and videos to your “social media” campaign.

There are many tools to add photos. Facebook just upload. Twitter, there’s Twitpics, Twitpix, Plixi and this could probably go on all day. You get the picture.

Yet the greatest power is video. I recommend EVERYONE have a YouTube account. I’ve been recommending YouTube since 2006. At that time, every major magazine turned down articles I had written about how to use YouTube and what could be found on it. Today YouTube’s all you read about. Those same magazines are turning down QR Code stories now.

Once your videos are uploaded to YouTube, share links. Shorten the links with shortening engines like TinyUrl, Bit.li, etc.

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