Personalities drive your followers
How to get more Twitter followers

Want to get more Twitter (and probably Facebook) followers? I know, what an idiotic question. Of course you do.

Charlie Sheen broke the Guinness Book of records getting 1-million Twitter followers in 20 hours. How long have you been on Twitter and how many followers do you have?

So here’s a simple secret. Start following personalities and see how many people follow you.

Here’s the brilliance of it. You don’t need to write one Tweet. Just follow celebrities. Radio announcers and television newscasters are included in this personality following. Sports and NASCAR personalities too.
Another secret is retweet the celebrity’s messages. Do an @celebrity’sTwitterName – but remember the rule, put at least one character before the @ sign.

Once you follow, an effective way to manage it is lists. See blog on lists. You could do engines like HootSuite or Twitdeck, but I prefer to operate within Twitter. It’s all there – searches, etc., if you know how to use it. You can create a television news list, music celebrity list, sports figures list. Makes it all easier to manage.

If you’d like more information, contact me.