Twitter’s deep and dark secret
A huge Twitter mistake you are probably making

One of the biggest mistake even the wizened Twitter –er makes is starting their post with an @ sign to reach someone. If I’m following you, I’m never going to see that.

More than likely there’s only two groups that will see it. People who ACTUALLY click on your profile (don’t kid yourself, you’re not Justin Bieber – people aren’t actually clicking on your profile); and the person you sent it to when he or she clicks on the @mentions button on Twitter.

So if you want your message to be seen by the greater Twitter population, you put a letter, number or character and a space before you put the @ sign. That simple. If you only want to contact that person without the world seeing it, direct message them. They need to be following you to direct message. If you want to DM them, Tweet with nothing in front @famousperson follow me so I can DM you, please. You can also email them. I know, what is email.

If you’d like more information, contact me.