Is Barack Obama throwing USA into economic calamity?
Highest gas prices in 2010 for any Christmas

In June, 2010, I stated, Barack Obama isn't doing much to stem oil prices. Prognosticators are calling for oil to exceed $100 per barrel in July. If this happens, it will throw the nation - during the 21st Century depression - further into jeopardy. Less than two years before the 2012 election, it looks more and more like President Obama will fulfill my April, 2009 prophecy of one term president.

What the USA needs is to immediately leave the Middle East - Afghanistan and Iraq. Protect its borders and create an isolationist policy.
Substantially raise tariffs on non-USA products, including beef and agricultural products. Devalue the dollar - again.

As President Bill Clinton had on his desk, It's the economy, stupid. If Obama doesn't focus on the economy, immediately, it could ruin the USA as fighting in Afghanistan ruined the USSR.