Worst public relations ever:
Arizona on verge of losing Fiesta Bowl
Former Intel chief said would
never locate now

One of Arizona's biggest leaders has been fired from the Fiesta Bowl. The Bowl's CEO John Junker was recently fired for alleged misappropriation of Bowl funds. This is a man who influenced politicians at every level throughout the state. He influenced decisions made for every citizen in the state.

Arizona now faces the prospect of losing the annual Bowl Championship Series event that generates $140-million to the state's economy.

Arizona also has the highest state budget deficit per capita of any state in the nation.

Also this week, former Intel CEO Craig Barrett said if Intel was looking to locate in Arizona today as it did decades ago, it would pass due to Arizona's poor quality of education today.

Arizona definitely has a public relations problem. The problem stems from the fact that corporations and public relations firms hire nothing but interns in their early 20s. Here's two examples,
here and here. It is an indication those in charge in Arizona don't value public relations, or 21st Century marketing tools, if they put inexperienced people in crucial rolls.