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Digital politics in U.S.A.'s teen years

Phoenix traditional media
Misses one of its largest business stories
When Fender Musical Instruments
Withdraws IPO

Community group marketing today
only wants to use
20th Century communications tools

Direct mail vs. QR codes
Less than 1% return vs. 18%
Why are you still using 20th Century marketing?

Is Disney handling of Rick Ross departure
What is wrong with corporate USA?
Avengers breaks all records
Risk takers disappearing from Corporate USA

Marketing Sociologists can predict the future
Carrie Underwood tops Billboard May 9, 2012
Albums chart 200

Selena Gomez
Uses Twitter
21st Century marketing
Should have live streamed
Even baby had smartphone

Dang girl!
Selena Gomez
21st Century marketing

Rich Ross resigns as
chairman of Walt Disney Studios

Disney Corporation owns your life from before
you're born until you die - Terrific marketing

Are you crippling your sales people?
Bad 21st Century marketing practices

Why your business shouldn't use a "social media expert" to do 21st Century marketing

How to become a subject expert on Linkedin

Taylor Swift Facebooks to second ACM
Entertainer of the Year

Scratch My Back and Tuff Enuff
Kim Wilson and The Fabulous Thunderbirds

Smokin' Joint Kim Wilson 3-9-12 full 10 minutes + including solo with Fabulous Thunderbirds

Kim Wilson's Fabulous Thunderbirds with
Wishbone Ash's Ted Turner
Phoenix March 9, 2012

Apple unveils Apocalyptic Mayan 2012 iPad

World picks on Arizona Governor Jan Brewer
For fingering President Barack Obama
Not a mention when Vanessa Hudgens
Does same to Jay Leno

13 degrees warmer today than beginning of
21st Century's second decade
global warming?