Direct mail vs. QR codes
Less than 1% return vs. 18%
Why are you still using 20th Century marketing?

A report in Mashable stated "50 percent of smartphone owners have scanned QR codes. 18 percent of them made a purchase after scanning."

Recently spoke to an expert in direct mail. She said typically you have a one-percent response from direct mail. Of that one-percent, five percent purchase.

This is the difference between 20th Century marketing (direct mail) and 21st (QR codes, apps, etc.).

Let's say you did a very modest direct mail piece of 100,000. That would cost you or your company anywhere from $200,000 on up; generally in the half-million dollar range.

From that mailing you'd get 1,000 inquiries, and close 50.

With QR codes, out of 100,000 scanning - that would be 18,000 sales.

A recent pew study says nearly half the U.S.A. is using smartphones. That means with QR codes you have roughly 150-million potential customers with a nine-percent close ratio (half that 150-million scan QR codes, so only nine-percent of the 150-million will close).

So why are you still using 20th Century marketing like press releases and direct mail when you could be making more money using 21st Century marketing?