Are you crippling your sales people?
Bad 21st Century marketing practices

If you've read Steve Jobs' biography, you know he was exacting in detail. The question is, are you enlisting Jobs' quality for your company's "social media" effort or are you utilizing what were public relations or advertising firms in 2010?

Champions are what make or break a company. If you're utilizing those former communications firms, your top sales people, the top 20 percent of your sales staff - the champions, have probably abandoned ship. The rest are going down with the Titanic.

Being on Twitter or Facebook is not the total of 21st Century marketing. What if your target audience is not in this arena?

Does your "social media" team know how to program in HTML? Do they know YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world? Are they aware of how to data mine on Twitter?

Do they know how to utilize Instagram and Pinterest for commercial purposes? Can they deliver Pinterest analytics as well as YouTube, Google and Facebook analytics?

Are you putting QR codes on all your printed material? Where do the links lead to? Is your agency charging you to use outside vendors for creating QR codes? You could do it yourself for nothing.

Are you using NFC (near field communications)?

Most communicators are not equipped like marketing sociologists to look at historical impacts to your marketing program. How many of your communication team are discussing how gas prices and interest rates are impacting the business? Are they addressing the issue that every century it's been a nation, the U.S.A. has been in a major war during its teen years? How would that impact your business?

It's your business. If you want the qualities Steve Jobs demanded, you're using a marketing sociologist. If you're gullible, you're using one of those "social media experts" who are telling you followers are "ROI" (return on investment) and were a public relations or advertising firm in 2010.

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