Why your business shouldn't use a "social media expert" to do 21st Century marketing

"Social media = We were a public relations or advertising agency in 2010 and have no understanding of coding" - Marketing Sociologist

What two years ago were advertising and public relations agencies have re-positioned themselves and today are charging clients $3,000 per month to handle Facebook and Twitter pages.

They call the number of followers "ROI" (return on investment); the same as they took a measuring stick I created in the mid-1980s, calling newspaper circulation or television news viewership "ROI." These agencies' customers may never see a dime from followers or viewers or readers, but these agencies are insisting it is "ROI."

Marketing management are swallowing this smoke and mirrors. Search Pinterest for public relations experts - maybe three. Then search for social media experts - pages. Most of these "social media experts" are charging $3,000 a month for interns, utilized by advertising and public relations agencies the past two decades as the fields degenerated.

While these former communications agencies know how to do Facebook or Twitter, they have a problem seeing the forest instead of just the trees. They don't grasp a business' total enterprise.

Here are a few tools a 21st Century marketing sociologist uses:
•    Facebook
•    Twitter
•    Instagram
•    Pinterest
•    blogger
•    Tumblr
•    Appsmakr
•    QR codes and more.

Marketing sociologists look at the total enterprise. Sixty-percent of all Internet usage today comes from mobile devices. These former communications firms are promising SEO (search engine optimization) for that $3,000 per month. That's nice. App and Instagram usage don't show up on SEO. Yet, today that's where you'll find most of your potential or current customers.

Marketing sociologists start with who are your customers and how do you reach them. Then a marketing strategy is developed. How do you reach customers? It may be at conferences, a press release, or the latest social "buzz" like Pinterest or Instagram. You must look at outside factors that will affect your business; gas prices, unemployment and more. Depends upon your business.