Disney Corporation owns your life from before
you're born until you die - Terrific marketing

Disney's princesses have ruined relationship expectations for young women worldwide. (believe it was my daughter who said that)

Disney may be one of the greatest marketing companies in the world. They own you from before you're born through grand parenting (Disney resorts and cruise lines).

Family night probably involves a Disney DVD. Your eight-year olds are listening to Radio Disney (Weekly Top 30, too). Your teens may be listening to Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez or Jonas Brothers, all signed to Hollywood Records - which started life as a Disney label.

It starts with an expectant mom. She logs on to Babble for maternity information - Disney owns it. From their earliest experiences, children are exposed to Disney Junior as the way parents substitute TV for baby sitters. They progress to the Disney Channel, Radio Disney and the resorts and theme parks - plus the movies.

If Disney were smart, they'd be providing educational tools and textbooks for children from pre-school to college graduation. They may already be doing that.

After school years, it's parenting. What parent hasn't had to take their child to a Disney recreation site? Then the grand parents get involved.

Don't you wish your company domineered every family's life in the world like Disney does?


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