Saturday, January 22, 2011

Difference between push and pull marketing
21st Century marketing tools

Here's the difference between push and pull marketing.

Went to Dillard's today. Strolled around, looked at the merchandise. A polite clerk said
may I help you? No. Went on shopping and purchased.

Right next door was an auto sales tent event. Walked in. Can I have your name?

I'd just like to look around.

I'll get a salesperson for you to look around.

I just wanted to look around.

You can't do that without a salesperson.

Okay, goodbye.

A lost sale - and it probably would have been a sale. Pull marketing wins over push.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

While traditional news focused on Tucson killings
Hundreds died worldwide in floods and riots

While the USA media again went on a frenzy with the Tucson shootings, here's what you missed. In Brazil, more than 517 people died in flooding.

It is said 2010 was the worst year on record for natural disasters; 2011 already has a great start. Is 2012 the end? Besides Brazil, heavily populated Australia lost 10 with 90 missing in flooding occurring while all you could get was the Tucson killings on traditional new media.

In Tunisia, the president left amid riots where 35 or more were killed.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Instead of trains connecting Phoenix to Los Angeles
City fathers go for broke with light rail

Imagine the commerce Phoenix could have if there was a train that traveled 200 MPH between Phoenix and Los Angeles; Los Angeles in two hours.

Yet two years ago the City of Phoenix opened 20 miles of light rail connecting Phoenix to Mesa, and that takes about 90 minutes. The City of Phoenix spent $1.4-billion on those 20 miles.

Currently, there is no train that connects Phoenix to any city – other than the light rail to Mesa.

When you look at cities like Riverside, California, a warehouse hub, you see many, many jobs created by the rail line connections. Metrolink and Coaster have benefited Southern California.

Phoenix has experienced no job growth with its 20 miles of light rail. What an idea! Now Phoenix city fathers are raising water rates substantially for the third or more times since the light rail was opened to cover budget deficits.

It could also be US Airways calls Phoenix home. That would be limited, small-minded thinking if political leaders were afraid to offend a local corporation to bring more business to an area. Even US Airways would benefit with a high speed train between Phoenix and Los Angeles.

With brain trusts like this, you wonder why Arizona has more than a billion dollars in state operating budget deficit?

Monday, January 10, 2011

Okay, I was wrong
Maybe shootings good for Arizona economy
Obama, Katie Couric, Brian Williams, even Oprah?
Filling up hotel rooms

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I'll admit I was wrong. Saturday's Tucson shooting has been a boon for Arizona's tourism industry.

The state celebrates the BCS college bowl tonight and had two bowl games just passed. We are preparing for spring baseball training, the Phoenix Open, Barrett-Jackson and other auto collector car auctions, the P F Chang Rock and Roll Marathon. Hotel rooms, normally $99 per night in the summer heat, go for $300 or more during the desert's high season. With all this commotion, it means hotel rooms will probably be higher than ever. Food servers will be getting unheard-of tips..

Yet I fear for the state's long term financial health. Businesses considering creating permanent jobs in the state may have second thoughts after all this.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Arizona: Worst public relations ever
Congressional shooter delivers fatal bullet
to Arizona economy

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The state where Oklahoma federal building bomber Timothy McVeigh was arrested, where the Miranda Act stemmed from has added another notch on its wild west image today as a Tucson gunman put a fatal bullet in the state’s economy when he shot U.S. Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords.

Media has identified the suspected Giffords shooter as Jared Loughner.

Two years ago I termed Arizona’s economy the 21st Century Dust Bowl. Today’s shooting puts the death knell on Arizona’s economy. Highest in job losses of any state since 2008, highest percent of budget deficit per resident in the nation, highest home foreclosures of any state and highest in savings and banks takeover.

In the past year, Governor Jan Brewer stammered during her only debate for office, a Phoenix hospital mixed the identities of a traffic fatality, SB 1070 immigration bill passed, is looking at eliminating the U.S. Constitution’s 14th Amendment and local media ignored a traffic fatality that killed comedian Robert Shimmel.

Its history of violence goes back even before the 1960s when Charles Schmid made the cover of Life Magazine .

Someone carried a gun – which are legal to carry or conceal in the state – to a President Barack Obama rally. The state’s largest university snubbed Obama by denying him an honorary degree when he spoke there.

Where will all this bad public relations for Arizona end? It seems never-ending for those who call the state home.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

How modern is your communication plan?
Floppy disk in a mobile app, QR code world?

In the spring of 2010, a suburban community college in Phoenix didn't want to hear my suggestion of mobile apps for SmartPhones and iPhones. They wanted television advertising.

I asked why, since the head of sales at Arizona's largest television station told me you'd never reach her 15-years old daughter with television advertising. The community college's answer was they had done television (and print, which they continue today) advertising since 1995. I asked how they tracked results. They didn't. Really? Your tax dollars at work.

So my question is, still using a floppy drive on your computer? Buying software that requires you to download from a floppy drive? Is your communications plan for 2011 a floppy disk or a mobile app strategy?

Again, click the icon and call for a free review of your 2011 marketing strategy.
After this was written, Apple reported the sale of 10-billion apps in 15 days from the Apple apps store.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Your 2011 marketing plan;
Does it include mobile apps, Facebook and Twitter
Or are you partying like 1999:
Press releases?

This time four years ago I was being thrown out of offices for telling prospective clients they needed a MySpace and YouTube presence. Most of those firms are in graveyard section. I'm still reading on Linkedin questions, where do I send my press releases.

In March, 2009, I said Your next computer will be an iPhone (today more than likely an Android or Windows mobile).

There are half-a-million Android and iPhones activated daily in the USA. It is estimated there will be seven trillion texts sent in 2011. There are 4.2-billion mobile subscribers with 1,667 messages per user (where I read that did not say month or year. I'm assuming per month).

There are a quarter of a billion Facebook users in North America. Reportedly 150 billion new to Facebook between March and November, 2010 (worldwide).

You need to look on the horizon. I know people who have been on Twitter longer than me. I'm entering my third year - how about your company? How long has it been using Facebook and Twitter? Still sending out press releases?

As stated, four years ago I was suggesting MySpace. In 2007, it was (reportedly) the top visited website. In 2010, the top site was Facebook. Facebook has killed blogs, websites, blog radio and almost every other media. Where you sending those press releases? You're worried about SEO (search engine optimization) to your web page? You should have been worried about that in the 21st Century's first decade.

Today is the start of the second year of the 21st Century's second decade. Your employees are on Facebook all day on their SmartPhones. More than 80 percent of your employees have SmartPhones and are using them - constantly. Yet your marketing plan is still focused on your website, SEO and press releases?

In June, 2010, I was on a blog talk radio station - I stated I no longer have a website. Today, Facebook fan pages have replaced websites. There are more than 200-million Facebook fan pages, so I read.

Let's discuss your 2011 marketing plan. Click on the call me icon on this page - it's a free call.

Is Barack Obama throwing USA into economic calamity?
Highest gas prices in 2010 for any Christmas

In June, 2010, I stated, Barack Obama isn't doing much to stem oil prices. Prognosticators are calling for oil to exceed $100 per barrel in July. If this happens, it will throw the nation - during the 21st Century depression - further into jeopardy. Less than two years before the 2012 election, it looks more and more like President Obama will fulfill my April, 2009 prophecy of one term president.

What the USA needs is to immediately leave the Middle East - Afghanistan and Iraq. Protect its borders and create an isolationist policy.
Substantially raise tariffs on non-USA products, including beef and agricultural products. Devalue the dollar - again.

As President Bill Clinton had on his desk, It's the economy, stupid. If Obama doesn't focus on the economy, immediately, it could ruin the USA as fighting in Afghanistan ruined the USSR.