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Halloween, the 21st Century's
second decade start of Christmas

Counting your blessings
Being in the presence of two genius leaders

Arizona Supreme Court sets groundbreaking 21st Century judgement that will impact all government and corporations

DUH U.S. Education Dept brianiacs just figured this out
"Report: States set low bar for student achievement"

News report: “U.S. newspaper circulation falling”
Now where do all those progressive PR practitioners
Send their press releases

More whining
Broadcast television commercials

How lame are public relations practitioners?
Very, very lame
Why I became a Marketing $ociologist

From the man who said 9 mo. of job loss un-American
Obama: Men still 'obtuse' about women's role

Celebrities read your tweets and blogs
Will Ashley Tisdale pickup
Building the Band Brand
Becoming famous in 21st Century

Stay current – Tony Hillerman quote
A basic requirement for profit