Counting your blessings
Being in the presence of two genius leaders

Management genius Princess Wendell blogged this morning,
Great day to everyone! It's raining success, no umbrella required. Make it a good one!

Wish I could paint you a picture. This morning I attended Phoenix City Councilwoman Peggy Neely's monthly breakfast. At the end of the meeting I got a chance to stand and listen as two of the brightest minds on the planet conversed. It was Frank Fairbanks, labeled the greatest city manager by various publications, who is retiring, and Walter "Skip" Brown, former assistant superintendent for Arizona's third largest school district, Paradise Valley. Brown oversaw the district's greatest growth and was responsible for building schools to meet that demand.

As we enter the second decade of the 21st Century, I wonder where our leaders of this quality will arise from. I don't see them on the horizon.


  1. Thanks so much for the honorable mention, Marketing Sociologist. As said on the school yard, "it takes one to know one and game recognizes game". Your ability to recognize genius is the reflection of your own mirror. We await your leadership.

    Furthermore, do not be discouraged, surely in the Valley of the Son, as one leader withers away, surely one will rise from the ashes. I believe one is among us.


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