From the man who said 9 mo. of job loss un-American
Obama: Men still 'obtuse' about women's role

NBC news is reporting: Obama: Men still 'obtuse' about women's role. Here's a guy who in Oct. 2008, said nine months of job loss was un-American, but look at his legacy in this area - nine months of job loss. As I've said before, time to look for that birth certificate since he's called himself un-American.

In 2002, the U.S. Department of Labor reported 54 percent of the workforce was female. No one noticed. Calling men "obtuse" shows how out of touch and inexperienced this man is in regard to families.

Men have carried the burden of more than 6-million job losses that began in 2007. More than 80% of those job losses, or nearly 5-million jobs, were held by men. Women are not facing that.

Only a fool says women do not expect their men to support them. With men losing the majority of jobs, there has been more family strife and families falling apart than ever before in our history.

I've NEVER condemned any president before (except for Richard Nixon), because I believe a higher power is responsible for choosing them, but in this case, I must ask President Barack Obama to - as he should have with his Kanye West remark - keep your lips zipped. You're misinformed on this issue and totally wrong.