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Building the Band Brand
Becoming famous in 21st Century

Celebrities do read your tweets and blogs. Yesterday a personal hero, Anthony Robbins, left this tweet in reply to one of mine, tonyrobbins I can't claim to be effective in my spelling! But glad I did well in this case! LOL all the best to you! Tony

Yesterday I believe Hannah Montana’s best friend on the TV show, Emily Osment, who plays Lily Truscot and Lola Luftnagle, left a message – just her name – at TweenMusic.blogspot.com (okay, so I operate a LOT of blogs – waiting for ANY to monetize). Also got an email in response to her record label’s PR department not getting in contact.

For bloggers, the stars are out there and in touch via “interactive media.” It’s their public relations departments that aren’t cognizant of 21st Century marketing tools. In less than a year (thank you Social Butterflies for building this awareness @SocialBupdates), my Tween Music blog has jettisoned to the top 5 percent of all blogs worldwide. You wouldn't believe how many people visit it daily. This one and TweenMarketing.blogspot.com are in the top 20 percent. Disney’s D23 stiffed me because they didn’t deem blogs big enough, but they’ll pay attention to newspapers and television stations in Lubbock. Right now waiting for a Warner Bros. Records PR woman to get back after two emails, a phone call and several tweets about Ashley Tisdale appearing in Scottsdale tomorrow. Public relations people have not kept up with 21st Century communications, as documented in the discussion at this blog.

Several sources have said Miley Cyrus either does, or did, follow Tween Music.

The thing I DO KNOW, when you leave comments at Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and other sites, the stars are thankful. The true stars, not the ones here today gone tomorrow, realize you, the fan, have created them and they appreciate it. So keep sending those tweets, comments on sites. The true stars love it, even if they don’t get back to you.

Now, the question is, will any of Ashley Tisdale’s peeps be in touch about presenting her the Building the Band Brand: Becoming famous in the 21st Century award?