Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Arizona's political candidates get more outrageous
This from the state with the highest percentage
Budget deficit in the nation
Great PR

This has to be the most outrageous yet in Arizona's public relations campaign
There was actually an "intelligent" advertising firm to create this?

Anyone who knows anything about advertising knows you do blind focus group testing. Wonder how this ad passed any blind test group.

Evidently ANYONE can have an advertising or public relations firm in Arizona. Truth in advertising, I am a registered voter in Arizona's third congressional district and reside in the same district.

Arizona has something called Shannon's Law which makes it a felony to discharge a firearm into the air. This site has contacted the Arizona Attorney General's office to see if they are prosecuting (the AG is also running for governor, just like California!). No word back from them yet. So Republican voters could choose a potential felon for their candidate. Won't be the first - or last - time.

Today’s 21st Century public relations lesson –
third party endorsements

In the 20th Century public relations practitioners churned out press releases in hopes of getting their, or their company’s, name in the news. This was viewed as third party endorsement. The newspaper was trusted, so they or their product could be trusted. Some people still believe that’s how public relations/marketing works in the 21st Century.

Today you still get third party endorsements, but not for press releases. They need to be unique and fit your brand. It requires diligent work to find the correct endorsers to develop your brand.

Let’s say you’re a state under attack for a recent piece of legislation.

Some states may bury their head in the sand and not acknowledge they have a problem. The governor would not take a proactive public relations stance at the first flicker of bad publicity. She’d probably NOT be on Face the Nation, This Week and other national news programs. She might even accuse all illegal immigrants as being drug smugglers, but that would be horrific public relations and plain stupid to do.

Here’s how a wizened 21st Century Marketing Sociologist would help defuse the situation.

Let’s say the state is plentiful on celebrities, like a former American Idol judge and a future American Idol judge who recently won a Donald Trump show.

Lots of sports figures, including a basketball guy who fixed his own broken nose on television.

Still do your research. You need something unique.

Nobody beats California for celebrities. Even if you had two of Disney’s hottest stars, like David Henrie or Chelsea Staub, from your state; they’re now as Californian as Joe Jonas. Wait, he was born in the state Staub’s was.

You need a unique brand in the 21st Century. Not a me too situation. Look at Apple’s iPad, 2-million sold in a month. This established the foundation for iPhone 4 selling nearly the same in three days. Branding needs to be unique for 21st Century marketing.

What if your state had an abundance of top selling motivational speakers not born there, but they loved the state so much, they chose to live there? They could live anywhere, but they chose your state. That’s unique. There’s your public relations angle.

You discover top motivational speakers Harvey Mackay (clarification – he only winters in your state), Larry Winget, Rich Dad Robert Kiyosaki, sales expert Tom Hopkins all reside in your state. The late Paul Harvey and Cavett Robert (founder of the National Speakers Association) lived there. Your state houses the Ken Blanchard College of Business.

So here’s how you’d develop your PR angle. You call them. Like Harvey Mackay. You know you’re never going to get through to them, but you’re only looking for third party endorsements.

So that's what I did. I called Harvey Mackay’s Mackay Mitchell Envelope Company in Minnesota June 29. Like FedEx, the phone didn’t even ring.

This is Harvey

I’m looking for Harvey Mackay, you say in disbelief.

I’m Harvey

You introduce yourself, explain your mission. Mackay, all business, polite, informs you he’s in the middle of a press junket and on his way out of town, but he will cordially give you three minutes (which blossoms to twice that much).

Mackay said he came to Arizona 35 years ago (1975?). I play golf at the senior level, he says as his reason for choosing Arizona. I’m a marathon runner. I love the (Phoenix) Suns.

He informs you his wife, Carol Ann, is a Navajo art aficionado. This led many to the Southwest.

Turns out Rich Dad Robert Kiyosaki moved to Arizona for the same reason. In a brief email, his assistant Shannon Crist states, Robert moved here for the beautiful weather.

Judy Slack, director of research and development, speaks over the phone for Tom Hopkins. Ms. Slack explains Hopkins had a unique reason for moving to Arizona. It was the home of Hopkins’ mentor, J. Douglas Edwards.

While I would travel 400 miles each way to be mentored by Allen Center in Poway, Calif., Hopkins actually relocated to be near his mentor. Edwards helped Tom learn how to sell, said Slack.

Now, it is time to admit, Larry Winget is not another motivator. He’s the pitbull of personal development. When you’ve branded yourself as the world’s first Marketing Sociologist, you have to appreciate that.

I moved here because of the weather and the travel, Winget said via a voluminous email. Ten years ago when I moved here I lived in Tulsa and was traveling 250 days per years. That's a tough schedule no matter where you live but when weather can be a problem and there are no direct flights unless you are going to Dallas or Chicago, it can add a lot of time and stress to your plans. So I moved to a place where almost every flight is direct and weather is never an issue. I think many people who travel for a living would agree that Phoenix is the best possible place to originate your travel from.

If I were doing public relations for an embattled state, this is how I would utilize marketing sociology. Ringing endorsements like these from people who influence others.

Friday, June 25, 2010

More how not to do public relations
Arizona governor calls all illegal immigrants
drug smugglers

Once more Arizona's temporary agency governor has demonstrated her public relations counsel has no clue what they are doing. Millions have been spent on two local public relations agencies, and here's the comments they feed Arizona Governor Jan Brewer to spew forth (according to Arizona media, these are her actual words):

I believe today and in the circumstances that we are facing, that the majority of the illegal trespassers that are coming in the state of Arizona are under the direction and control of organized drug cartels, and they are bringing drugs in. So they are criminals. They're breaking the law when they are trespassing and they're criminals when they pack the marijuana and the drugs on their backs. Well, we all know that the majority of the people that are coming to Arizona and trespassing are now become drug mules. They're coming across our borders in huge numbers. The drug cartels have taken control of the immigration.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Marketing Sociologist public relations advice for Arizona governor

1 – Do NOT leave home without facts & figures of how many people killed overnight in Northern Mexico

2 – Media training. No one wants to sound like Bufford T. Justice. That’s why media training is important.

3 – Don’t leave home without facts about how many shot in Arizona desert this week or died from heat crossing into USA.

4 – Don’t sound like a child screaming for candy bars at the grocery checkout counter, “He didn’t send us the border troops.”

5 – Again, facts & figures on what ILLEGALS are costing the state. Unpaid hospital bills, increased auto insurance rates due to accidents ILLEGALS have been involved in, ID theft, on and on.

Quit sounding like a Rush Limbaugh lemming. Have facts & figures. Without them, it’s like going out without your clothes on. So, fact & figures, not whining.

Use public relations phrases like, “As the Gulf coast states are experiencing an environmental disaster of the world’s worst oil spill; Arizona is suffering an economic disaster because of this nation’s porous border policy.” You may use that. Better than whining, “where’s our troops?”

It is TOO late now, but for future public relations matters, do some preparation before the fact. Like you should have lined up being on This Week, Meet the Press and other influential political television shows at the first sign of protest. You also shouldn’t ignore the advice of Linkedin’s top rated Arizona public relations expert. Your office was contacted, but you ignored.

More FANTASTIC public relations
by Arizona's government
Yahoo's most popular news story today

Clinton comment on immigration law riles Ariz. gov

PHOENIX – Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer said Thursday she's angry over comments by Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton that the Obama administration will sue the state over its new immigration law. - Associated Press

21st Century marketing
Measuring your pathway
Google is taking over the world
Spotting trends before they happen

A question on Linkedin asks which is better, Vocus or Burrelle Luce for tracking social media (I prefer 21st Century marketing as the correct term).

Now let's dissect that question. First, in the old press clipping era, you knew you were missing 60 percent or more of media mentions. Clipping services rarely got your mentions in cities from Eager, Arizona to Yakima, Washington.

Vocus and Burrelle Luce miss what I mention on my blogs because I utilize Google's Blogger or Blogspot. You can tell the person asking the question is working for a major company. Businesses I deal with are small. I have them use Google Analytics. Let's face it, Google is taking over the Internet world. There's Google alerts,
Blogsearch, a tool few people know about and every person I've told about this is delighted. One author found out she was the most viewed in her genre after I introduced her to Blogsearch.

Thanks to fellow Sonoran resident and Disney star Chelsea Staub, one of my blogs had nearly 100,000 hits in 16 hours after she mentioned it on her Twitter.

Now here's how 21st Century marketing tools help you keep your message on target and make you $$$$. For the past few days at Tween Music, I've been posting about Miley Cyrus, the Hannah Montana show and its stars. Tween Music consistently stays in the top 5 percent of all blogs worldwide. Yet since I've been blogging about Cyrus - she premieres Can't Be Tamed Monday at Los Angeles' House of Blues, does a Nashville benefit Tuesday, the same day Can't Be Tamed drops, and Hannah Montana starts its fourth and final season in July.

Utilizing Google Analytics, and any business can do this, it show readership of my blog dropping. Here's how to spot trends utilizing 21st Century marketing tools. Chelsea Staub=Jonas Brothers, high; Miley Cyrus, numbers fall. Tells me the tween fan base has shifted and Miley Cyrus, even though Can't Be Tamed will be at the top of Billboard charts the first weeks of July, (I'm estimating about 350,000 copies out of the box) has lost her Tween stranglehold. In the entertainment world there's a term for this - NEXT. Just as Hilary Duff had a career as Lizzie McGuire. It appears Cyrus is being passed for new stars, like Justin Bieber (will he be around in a year?).

That's how businesses spot trends using 21st Century marketing tools. You can use it in your business. Use the call me feature on this blog so we can discuss what 21st Century marketing tools can do your business.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Are telemarketing calls increasing?
Marketing Sociologist way to handle

Worry Free Living advocate Princess Wendel-Clark told me she has experienced numerous telemarketing calls recently. Me too. What about you?

People always want to know how to handle telemarketing calls. Here's the Marketing Sociologist way - CLICK.

My day is too short, time TOO expensive to deal with people asking about my carpets, the lady of the house or my air conditioning. I hang up the phone immediately.

Leave comments (yes, this site accepts comments) about how you deal with telemarketers.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Leftovers from Arizona
worst public relations program ever

More remembering Dennis Hopper

Mainstream media still catching up with
Marketing Sociologist
Billboard & Reuters report:
Online video sites embrace live concert streams

Both Reuters and Billboard are reporting, Online outlets have begun dabbling in hosting live video streams of music concerts. YouTube has done so with U2, Alicia Keys and, most recently, with performances by the Dave Matthews Band, Norah Jones and other acts at this year's Bonnaroo festival. MTV has aired live performances by such acts as the Gorillaz, Honor Society and Just Kait. Vevo, which featured a live stream in May of a concert by the National, just completed a live webcast of the FIFA World Cup Kick-Off Celebration Concert on Thursday (June 10) in South Africa. And live video sites like Ustream,, Livestream and Big Live have formed to make a real business out of hosting live streams.

Check what Marketing Sociologist has blogged about for more than a year now and has been a leading edge proponent for a decade or more here, here and here.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Was it an oil spill that killed life on Mars?

The Gulf contributes to the monsoon season throughout the West.

Now that it is filled with oil, no evaporation, no monsoon. The desert suddenly becomes 50 degrees hotter. Have fun in Vegas at 180 degrees.

Was it an oil spill that killed all life on Mars? Makes you wonder. Has BP started the process to eliminate mankind on the planet Earth? Why isn't anyone questioning this?

Democrat or Republican?
Don’t let your politics hurt your profits

Yesterday two things happened. Saw a license plate No-Mo-BO. The other was someone walked up to me at a meeting and commented on my April 30, 2009 post when Obama hadn’t been in office three months, A quadrillion reasons Obama will be a one term president. You hate Obama, too, was the comment.

No, I don’t hate Obama. As a Marketing Sociologist, I look at the landscape and what will make companies money. Don’t make it personal. It was easy to see. Check the post on oil prices. In the past 40 years, every president after a president that has decimated the economy; the president following him has been a one term president – Jimmy Carter, George Bush I and Barack Obama. Marketing Sociology is about seeing trends and making $$$$ off them.

Do not wear your politics or opinions on your sleeve. I have strong beliefs about the condition of public relations. I don’t believe it is a professional field anymore. Less than 20 percent of Public Relations Society of America members care enough about the field to become accredited. As we move to 21st Century marketing tools, I took the time, energy and expense to become CIW Web and social media certified. Same reason I got an MBA and a passion for meeting marketing leaders like Philip Kotler.

I don’t go around spouting my belief on politics or religion. That is not professional. Yet, I do have opinions on marketing, it's subset of public relations, and things that can and will make a company money.

If you’d like more information, click on the call me link. Free call using 21st Century technology.