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Marketing 2017: Why Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP HTML) is your most important task this year

When primitive man became a merchant, first thing he realized was to put his most popular items at the front of the cart. He called it “impulse buy.” That continued with store fronts with their most important products in the window.

50,000 years later, in 2017, that continues. It is still the front of the cart or the store window, except today those carts or windows are called Google search.

A Google search placing – top 5 or the rest that follow - is called “SEO” or “Search Engine Optimization.” In April, 2015, Google realized almost 80 percent of all searches were being done via mobile devices so Google added mobile and apps to its “algorithm” for top search results, or SEO.

Then, in February, 2016, Google gave top SEO priorities to apps and websites using something called “accelerated mobile pages,” or “AMP HTML.”

Since 2015 or earlier, Google top search results (SEO) have been how an app and website (even mobile websites) are coded. Some practitioners are still claiming “links” and “b…

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