The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis III
Hitting on the Hollywood Hotties episode

The Internet provides such excellent story ideas. Chelsea Staub's Twitter:
ItsChelseaStaub I just watched my dad try to pull Aly Michalka out of a party thinking it was me. Hahaha...

Yes, that was Dobie Gillis III at that party laughing his AO with Ms. Staub as they watch her father grabbing Ms. Michalka. Also there, Nicole Anderson, maybe Justin Bieber, Jonas Brothers, and my favorite known unknown, song writer and producer John Fields.

Dobie Gillis III gets around in Hollywood. Emily Osment Tweet: EmilyOsment snuggles on a gondola ride Yes, Dobie Gillis III is huggable.
Even musician Pink: Races are about to begin... Shoes are off, a little white wine being poured. Fireworks. Some hot team owner sitting next 2 me. Cool with it

Yes, our man Gillis owns a motocross team.