Counting Marketing Sociologist firsts
If your firm is not utilizing Marketing Sociologist, you’re losing money

A great management exercise is reviewing the progress of an organization. The Web site TMZ became famous when it was first to cover Paris Hilton going to jail, before any other media. Same thing happened with Charles Barkley getting a DUI in Arizona. TMZ had it five hours before local or national media.

After scooping all media yesterday with the OFFICIAL announcement of Miley Cyrus touring this fall – which was announced April 11 on – it was time for reflection on other Marketing Sociologist firsts.

Companies not utilizing Marketing Sociologist’s expertise are definitely losing money.

On Feb. 23, 2009
announced the “economy had bottomed out.” Most government experts have generally agreed the economy has turned around. Marketing Sociologist had it first, like the Miley Cyrus concert announcement

March 23 said Revlon
stock looked good. At the time it was around $2 per share. Today it is over $5 and has been near $6. That would have been a 200 percent profit for those who listened. Now you know why you’re losing money not consulting with Marketing Sociologist for your business!

April 5, Building the Band Brand premiered, giving solid professional advice to aspiring musicians.

January 28,
announced Tiffany Giardina “next big thing.” Since that time she has hit Billboard’s top “heatseekers, Internet Albums, Independent Albums” charts. She’s hit #1 with a bullet!

In March, announced Miley Cyrus and Zac Efron would have #1 movies. Arrived six weeks later. Should Hollywood let Marketing Sociologist pick the movies? I’m predicting the biggest movie of the year will be Harry Potter, but doing better than expected will be Hayden Panetierre’s “I Love You Beth Cooper” and “Band Slam,” Vanessa Hudgens’ first big screen venture after High School Musical 3.

First to announce Miley Cyrus next feature, “The Last Song;” Amanda Michalka in “The Lovely Bones;” and when Alyson Michalka was filming “The Roommate” in Los Angeles.

On April 22, predicted Ciara’s “Fantasy Ride” a hit. Today it’s #36 on the charts – three weeks after its release. The next day predicting “Guilty Pleasure” by Ashley Tisdale will be a hit – and it isn’t even out yet! It will be.

2005 – coined the phrase Zack & Cody generation for Tweens with an expendable income of $300-billion per year. One year later, Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus hit the air and swept parent’s pocketbooks as never before in history.

On May 17 coined “SECOND DECADE” to describe today’s toddlers. Said they would be an economic force greater than today’s Tweens. Said they’d also be most illiterate generation in U.S. This was
verified June 1 by Center for Child Health, Behavior and Development at Seattle Children's Research Institute.

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