21st Century teen years marketing
Everything old is new again

Still figuring out your 2013 marketing strategy (better late than never)?

Mobile, mobile, mobile
Those with vested interest in landing pages (websites), SEO (search engine optimization), Google analytics and social media will hate this. They're all dead.

As Internet replaced traditional and print media; mobile is killing websites, blogs, Instagram, Twitter, even Facebook. Teen years will usher in an age of narcissism. It started around 2011 on Twitter when traditional advertising and public relations agencies realized print - and their normal 15% commission - were dead.

They don't have the technical know-how to move to apps, so expect these bastions of traditional media to try to preserve social media. 

They did it to themselves with traditional push, instead of pull, marketing. Look at Twitter any Monday morning. It looks like the old days of press releases.

Apps and QR codes
I've been preaching this since 2009. Maybe four years later "hipsters" will wake up.

Employee and customer magazines 

Yes, what is old is going to return. Your employees will appreciate a monthly magazine worth reading. Have articles by leading authors. Make it an employee training tool. Celebrate the life of Zig Ziglar, Steven Covey, both passing in 2012.

The concept is involve the employee's family. You get a more productive worker. Don't distribute at work. Send in snail mail. Make sure those at home appreciate it.

Also, time to send anniversary, birthday and recognition cards with your company imprint on the front of a card. Help the Post Office this year.

Do the same with your customers. Send a customized letter with your employee magazine (Our employees receive this magazine, thought as a valued customer it might benefit you as well). Make sure the magazine has many employee names that customers can reach out to. Twitter handles, too.

More Apps and QR codes 

On your magazines and cards, you're going to have QR codes in a prominent space. The QR codes do not go to a website. They go to your app and automatically downloads it.