Shirts with collars history; suits are dead
How USA Federal deficit impacting nation’s mood and image

Christmas Eve 2010 at the mall. Thought I was in a futurist science fiction movie. In 1960, men would have been in suits and women would have had their hair and nails done and be in dresses.

I saw T-shirts, shorts, scandals; things people wouldn’t fix cars or clean chimneys in 50 years ago.

Recently looked at neighborhoods – they seem to have gone to seed in the 21st Century.

During my college years, I predicted the USA would become a third world nation. That was 35 years ago. Today third world nations dress better and maintain their homes better than in the USA.

Yes, it is all the president Bushes fault. Look at the Federal deficit chart above. Reagan and the two Bushes decimated the deficit.

This deficit shows on the face of the shoppers and homes. No pride in their country anymore.

Yet intelligent voters replaced the Democratic U.S. House with a Republican majority. Time to go watch Idiocracy again.