Worst public relations ever:
Arizona pulls scab on immigration issue
Governor pays $100,000 to publicize issue

Full disclosure - I reside - for the time being - in Arizona. Have since dirt was invented.

Just as the dust was settling on Arizona's bad public image building, with its governor initially ignoring public sentiment - public relations is listening to your audience, not just shoveling soot on them - she decided she needed the public spotlight again to beat her Democratic challenger in November.

Today Gov. Jan Brewer ignited the national flames again by condemning a U.S. State Department report to the United Nations. Once again, like many times in the past few months, she has been one of the top stories on Yahoo news for all the wrong reasons.

This governor, whose highest academic credentials include a high school diploma, has done every wrong thing in the public relations playbook. Now she's paying a local public relations firm $100,000 to pull the scab off the immigration bill issue that has already cost the state millions in lost tourism dollars. Just as national attention was focusing on Senator John McCain's election to his fifth term (He turns 74 on Sunday) as well as Vice President Dan Quayle's son being elected to U.S. Congress with no political experience and barely a year's residence in the state - following in John McCain's footsteps. This is exactly what McCain did in Arizona.

Since the national spotlight had fallen from Brewer, she found a way to damage the state even more seeking her first elected term as Arizona's governor. She succeeded Janet Napolitano, who resigned with a $3-billion deficit to join Barack Obama's camp.

Company after company has left Arizona stating those in other states refuse to do business with an Arizona-based company.

Arizona politics - a thing of beauty. I'm open to work for companies in other states. Call NOW, please. Venice Beach or Redondo Beach would be nice!