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How is media influencing you?
More concerned with Mosque than drowning victims?

Sorry for the lack of graphics on this post. Could not find non-copyrighted version of the proposed drawing of the New York City Mosque.

What are you more concerned with:

- A mosque in New York City

- An ice barge threatening trade lanes in the Atlantic

- Nearly 500 people drowning over 3 days in Pakistan, worse floods since 1929 (bad year economically for USA, too)

- Another 100 people drowned in China

- Thousands who have died in numerous earthquakes worldwide in the past 10 months.

- 3,000 killed in northern Mexico in 2010 because of drug violence.

If you're more concerned with the mosque in New York City than all the lives lost, it is time you turned off television news, Rush Limbaugh, put down the newspaper and got on your knees and prayed.

Doesn't this nation have more to worry about than what the President said about the mosque? It truly is de-evolution when national media is more concerned with a building than lives lost.