Marketing Sociologist’s 21st Century remedy for high unemployment and civic responsibility
Building unemployed self-esteem

Last week I received a court summons. Fortunately it was to be on the jury rather than a defendant.

It got me thinking. Unemployment numbers are up substantially for first time filers in August. Unemployment is reportedly about 10 percent and you don’t need to be an idiot to realize it is actually double that when you count the people who have given up looking.

Here’s a 21st Century answer for helping those seeking work without risking more tax dollars than what are already “sunk” in unemployment and court juror systems. Instead of going to voter roles for jurors, go to the unemployment list.

Don’t think this cruel. Everyone says networking is the surest way to find work. Being on a jury is networking. It gets job seekers out of the house and helps raise their self esteem. An employer calls for an interview? I’d love to meet. I’m doing my civic duty. Can we work around my jury duty? Doesn’t that sound better than I’m unemployed and doing nothing – what time do you want to meet?

Then let’s go to the jury itself. Maybe you’ll get called for a high profile case like former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich. Think of the people you’ll meet being on that jury! I’m the sort of person that would be always asking, How do you pronounce that name again? Since it would be unemployed people on the jury, it would truly be a jury of his peers. They’d be taking copious notes and paying close attention. Fantastic jurors. They’d realize there’s a lucrative book contract and Oprah time after the trial. No more unemployment!

Jurors should be able to keep their weekly unemployment benefits while drawing juror duty pay. What is that, like $12 per day? More self esteem building.

Ironically, I got my juror summons the day Arizona prison escapee John McCluskey and his first cousin/fiancé were caught in my state. I can only hope. Like the song I want to be a billionaire so F bad says, Hello Oprah!