Marketing Sociologist helping today's economy
Using 21st Century marketing tools to
Find a job

Marketing Sociologist has been visiting jobs clubs as a volunteer (not community service time, please), giving a presentation to job seekers on using 21st Century marketing tools (some inaccurately call it social media) in their job search. Getting great response. Would love to give it to your organization or group. Let me know.

Here's a tip from the presentation. Twitter is one of the greatest marketing tools today. Yes you can find a job via Twitter.

Here's one aspect of using Twitter in your job search (there are so many ways, but one for now). In the middle of Twitter, there is a search tool. Let's say you are looking for a marketing job in Altoona. You type
Altoona marketing jobs. Suddenly a list of jobs in your area will appear. Probably jobs that don't show up on traditional sites like Indeed, Careerbuilder, Jobing, Yahoo.

For those not using Twitter, it is so easy to sign up. Put in your URL address. Push the sign up button. Think carefully (and professionally) about your Twitter user name. Mine is PhoenixRichard if you want to tweet me. It is that easy to create a Twitter account.

I will post one more 21st Century job marketing tools in the next few days. If you want more, you must comment, tell your friends, tell the media. Make a big deal out of this. Let's put the nation to work with these tips - hopefully
all the unemployed reading this. God bless those searching.

Richard Kelleher, M.B.A., C.M.S.