How NOT to market you're the 2011 site of
MLB All Star Game

Arizona tourism officials did a wonderful job letting the world know Phoenix will be the site of the 2011 Major League Baseball All Stars game in July, 2011. During Wednesday's 2010 game in Orange County, Calif., I did not see one ad or promotion of the game in Phoenix. No resorts touting what they have to offer for next year's game.

Not saying it di
dn't happen. It was a LONG game. Who knows, maybe I was in the bathroom when any discussion of Arizona having the game next year happened.

It's really lame marketing on the part of Arizona's tourism industry not to be advertising all over this event. People are making their plans now.

It would not surprise me if MLB pulled the game from Arizona sometime between Christmas and Easter. Arizona leaders - if there are any left - have not done much to keep the game in Arizona amidst the immigration bill furor. For the CNN report on this, click here (would not embed).

Showing an interest by advertising during this year's game would have helped. It would demonstrate the business community is behind the game in Arizona; but I didn't see this during the game.

Tourist spending in Arizona dropped 10 percent in 2009. Could not find current figures (more lame marketing - and the 2009 figures were just released TODAY!). Tourism was down about the same percentage for 2009.

Presumably it was the Los Angeles office of tourism that placed several ads around the game with Randy Newman singing, I Love L.A. Hopefully those weren't from Arizona tourism marketers. Wouldn't put it past them.

As a sidelight - it is the top half of the 9th inning and looks like National League will win. It hasn't happened since 1996. There's an adage the economy does better when the National League wins. Admit it, you were better off financially in '96 and '97 than you are today, correct?