Rin Tin Lassie
An idea for transitioning from
boob tube to Internet television
Bluie, the Bomb Sniffing Dog

In the 1950s, there were dog shows; Rin Tin Tin, Lassie, Petey from Little Rascals/Our Gang, Snoopy and Goofy. Fred McMurray WAS the Shaggy Dog. It was so bad in the ‘50s, Superboy had to have Krypto.

That was 60 years ago. Today, as television transitions from the boob tube to YouTube, it’s time for an online hero.

I’ve taken the liberty of writing the plot for those entrepreneurs and videographers who want to run with it – you know who you budding Spielbergs and Lucases are.

Here’s the concept. I saw a story about Sabi, a bomb sniffing dog who wandered away from his Australian troop in Afghanistan. If that had been Albuquerque, you would have picked him up in a taco shop in the South Valley – in edible form.

I’ve even come up with a title for the show, Bluie, the Bomb Sniffing Dog.

Since it’s the Internet, you can be creative and put pop-ups, like speaking balloons, inserted in your video. Think of the stories each week the dog thinks of when the soldiers ask the dog where it has been.

Tales of heroics as he avoids the Albuquerque soldiers desiring a taste of home. Capturing Bin Laden in a bomb manufacturing cave with no backup. Had to let him go this time, but like Arnold, I’ll be back. James Bond sex with a bunch of bitches – hey, these are dogs; that’s what they are (featuring a Shaft-type of tune – see, you can add music, too). The plots are endless.