Another Web television show
The Octogenarians featuring Betty White

With the popularity of Betty White on Saturday Night Live (my daughter adored her at D23 in 2009), it is time to have a show like The View starring Clint Eastwood, who turns 80 May 31, 2010, Andy Griffith, who turns 84 the day after Clint Eastwood’s birthday, Dick Van Dyke, 84, Leslie Nielsen, 84 and Hugh Downs, 89.

Was thinking it’d be different because this show the panelists would frequently say, “What were we talking about?” then thought about it. It would be EXACTLY like The View. Probably make no sense at all.

The panelists would talk about living 80 or more years; what you need to do. Of course, they have an advantage. They are rich. Most others in this age range have outlived their savings.

Mario Lopez would be the moderator. Only because he’s everywhere and the only person who created a career after Saved by the Bell.

Two features on the show would be having paramedics at hand – especially for White and Downs. They could also discuss why so many male actors have made it to their 80s and so few females, like White.